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Wed, 19 Oct 2016

Keep your hands warm this winter!

A soft, ultra-grippy, intelligent heated grip range that is a sensible choice for anybody contemplating riding in the colder months.

They effectively extend the biking season allowing you to take your bike out on colder (but often beautifully clear) winter days in comfort. They feature heating elements distributed throughout the entire circumference of the grip to ensure even heating, and the controls are extremely ergonomic featuring raised and tactile buttons to facilitate ease of use with gloved hands. They boast a one-piece moulded construction for unrivalled performance and reliability.

Having these grips professionally fitted in our workshop means that they will be wired in by our highly trained and experienced Honda technicians. The grips will not be able to drain the battery once the ignition is switched off, the cables will be routed safely and will not interfere with safe operation of your bike, and the controller mounted in an accessible place for ease of use.

They're available in several grip patterns to fit the vast majority of bikes - contact our team to find out if your bike is compatible and get booked in ready for winter!

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