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Mon, 11 Dec 2017

The CB1000R Neo Sports Cafe is a classic to rival

An elegant combination of both beautifully sharp, audacious lines with luscious deep-metal curves and a cutting-edge four-cylinder engine, the CB1000R Neo Sports Café really brings the meeting of two titan-like factors to riders for 2018. 

Inside it's gorgeous frame, a punchy 998cc engine awaits within. Tuned to make 16% more peak power a just over 10,000rpm with 5% more torque through the mid-range, where it's most useful - and most fun. It's also been adjusted to be 4% shorter geared, extracting flawlessly fast acceleration up through the revs. 

While it's style endures stares from fans of classic bikes and modern bikes alike, it's no secret that the CB1000R is packed with powerful technology to aid riders. A throttle by wire system, riding modes and LED lighting are just the beginning of this machines epic toolkit. 

You can learn even more about the retro-minimalist icon that is the 2018 CB1000R Neo Sports Café here, we're sure you won't be disappointed. We're taking deposits today so you can secure yours and be one of the first to ride out on one in the new year, just speak to our team to sort your new bike.

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