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Tue, 17 Feb 2016

The New CB500F

City cruise or weekend ride – get raw naked styling, tight handling, and unrestricted power that races both heart and bike. All with just an A2 licence.

No Limits

Quick off the line, sporty styling, and infused with racing DNA – feel an instant connection to the road on the new CB500F.

Fire up the ignition and the CB500F's easy-to-manoeuvre body will launch you from one street corner to another with total control. Returning with updated bodywork and enhanced performance, take the inline-twin 500cc engine right up through the gears, and feel your smile grow bigger with each twist of the throttle.

The Street Performer

The CB500F is pure exhilaration for anyone at the handlebars.

The CB500F won’t intimidate those moving up to a more powerful motorcycle, nor will it disappoint experienced riders looking for an affordable alternative. Whoever you are, it ticks all the boxes for style, practicality and performance.

Go the distance

The CB500F’s sleek, dynamic body not only pulls admiring glances, but helps you weave through city traffic with ease. The aggressive design extends to the new side cover and larger capacity fuel tank – so you can cruise even farther than before.

Paint the town millenium red

Or one of the CB500F's other five powerful new paintwork options. Which will you choose?

Tricolour, Millennium Red, Mat Gunpowder Black Metallic, Pearl Metalloid White, Lemon Ice Yellow, Candy Energy Orange – each of the CB500F's all-new paint jobs come with colour-matching wheel arches, tank centre stripes and wheel stickers that complete its street racing style. And paired with the rugged new bronze engine case – the CB500F has never looked so stylish.

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