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Route One

Route One combines 50 years of experience and expertise in the design and manufacture of high-quality biking apparel, bringing you a selection of the finest quality gear in the industry. Having worked with some of the best MotoGP, WSB and BSB riders across the world, Route One has acquired expertise in delivering an ever-evolving range of clothing to accommodate all styles of riders.

Suitable for all budgets, Route One offers a range of motorcycle apparel including Kevlar Jeans and motorcycle boots so visit us in-store to explore the full range.


Shoei is a premium motorcycle helmet brand that is known to produce original and cutting-edge designs of superior quality, whilst offering the highest safety ratings. Embodying both passive and active safety elements, they develop their helmets on the Shoei Safety Concept, with each helmet developed to ensure supreme head protection whilst taking into account factors such as impact absorption, material rigidity, ventilation, noise reduction and fit.

Some of our most popular helmets in the Shoei range include the NXR, X-Spirit, Qwest, GT-Air, Neotec, J-Cruise, RYD, J.O. and the Hornet ADV, so drop into our dealership and view the full range of Shoei helmets, guaranteed to offer unequalled levels of comfort and protection no matter where your next journey takes you.


Focusing on safety and craftsmanship, Arai helmets ooze quality and innovative design. As a family-owned business, Arai ensures each and every helmet is hand-made to the highest specification, working with sports professionals in MotoGP, World Superbike and much more, to research and implement this expertise into the development of their helmets, along with ultimate levels of comfort.

Whatever your style of ride, you can be sure that the range of Arai helmets will succeed in meeting the needs of your riding environment. Visit us in-store and check out the selection including their most popular models such as the Chaser X, Quantum, QV Pro, RX-7V and Tour-X 4 to name a few.


Experience passion for innovation and safety with Caberg helmets, suited for all styles of riders. Currently, at the forefront of technical evolution and cutting-edge designs, Caberg helmets are well known for their high-quality helmets that cater for both fashion trends and new developments in innovative materials.

Italian made, you can be sure that Caberg helmets will suit all styles of riders with a series of full face, open face and flip-up helmets so visit us in-store to check out the perfect style of helmet for you. 


Swiftly becoming one of the worlds most eminent biking brands, Shark helmets offer premium pedigree helmets to everyday riders, in more than 45 countries. Offering over 25 years of experience, Shark has been known to push technological boundaries to create some of the most innovational motorcycle helmets on the market. Using rigorous testing, research and development methods, Shark achieves brilliant results on the ‘Sharp’ standard tests with many of their helmets achieving either 4 or 5-star rating.

Our most popular Shark helmets include Skwal, D-Skwal, Spartan, Carbon, Evo-One and Ridill so drop into Sutton Motorcycles to discover this premium helmet that won’t compromise on safety or comfort.


HJC has been creating motorcycle helmets since the 1970’s, delivering high-performance, premium helmets to riders all around the world at reasonable prices. As one of America’s top-selling motorcycle helmets, HJC’s dedication to providing cutting-edge and high-quality products in a series of helmet styles, graphics and materials, has ensured they are one of the top selling motorcycle helmet brands in the world.

Explore the full selection of HJC helmets in-store at Sutton motorcycles including the popular HJC models such as RPHA ST, TPHA 11 and IS-17 to discover the perfect helmet for you.


Founded by Nolan Group, X-Lite is popular for its fibre motorcycle helmet designs and offer some of the most innovative motorcycle helmets on the market.  Created in-house at their Italian factory, X-Lite helmets offer high levels of both comfort and safety using the most advanced industrial technology, making them a popular choice of motorcycle helmets on the market.

Choose from the X-802RR, X-661, X-702 GT Titantech and find the perfect X-Lite helmet for you.


Born out of a passion for racing, Nolan was established in 1972 with the attempt to rival some of the more expensive and heavier motorcycle helmets on the market. Lander Nocchi, the founder, discovered an innovative light and versatile material named Lexan and based on the philosophy of ‘Passion for two wheels’ and using cutting-edge computerised techniques, went on to bring Nolan helmets to life.

Functional with innovational designs at some of the most competitive prices on the market, discover some of Nolan helmets best seller’s such as the Nolan N87 and N104 at our Sutton motorcycles store today and visit us to browse the full range. 


Since 1947, AGV has been creating legendary motorcycle helmets, using the influence and experience of some of the most inspirational riders of all time. Born out of a passion for racing, AGV helmets have implemented modern state-of-the-art control systems along with the latest technology to deliver some of the safest helmets in the world.

Regardless of your riding style, you’ll be sure to find the perfect AGV helmet for you from our selection of full face, open face, flip front and off-road helmets. Visit our store to view the full AGV helmet range today. 


Drift Innovation specialises in the creation of award-winning pioneering cameras that are accessible for all styles of riders and sports fans. The perfect companion to capture all your memories, explore the full selection of Drift Innovation action cameras ranging from Stealth 2 and Ghost 4k cameras - available in-store at Sutton Motorcycles. 

Scala Rider

The Scala Rider® series is one of the leading Bluetooth systems in the motorcycle industry, empowering motorcyclists who are always on the move with the finest communication and entertainments devices. Pioneered by Cardo, Scala Rider® offers some of the most advanced devices in wireless communication technology which are favoured in over 80 countries all around the world.

Find the perfect Scala Rider device to suit your ride and choose from our massive range including Freecom 1, Freecom 2 and Freecom 3 and visit our store at Sutton Motorcycles today.


Alpinestars offer motorcycle apparel for all styles of riders and are known to be a world class brand in the motorcycling world. Harnessing innovative technology, Alpinestars have continuously worked towards creating perfection through their products for over 50 years and are now a leading manufacturer in professional racing apparel, ranging from motorcycle leathers, race suits, jackets, jeans and boot.

Explore the full range of Alpinestars motorcycle apparel at our Sutton Motorcycles store with our range including our best sellers such as Motegi V2, Challenger, Atem, GP Pro, Track Pant, Faster Shoe, SMX-6, SMX Plus, Supertech R, Roam 2, Fastback, Ridge, Web Goretex, Corozal, Andes V2, Bogota, Nucleon, T-Jaws, Valparaiso and much more! 


Sidi is a premium class motorcycle boot brand that has been worn by some of the most impressive racers in the industry including Giacomo Agostini, Joel Roberts and Steve Baker as well as the current leading riders such as Alex Barros, Colin Edwards and Stefan Everts.

Remaining a family-owned business, prepare to experience the optimum balance of tradition, innovation, style and comfort that delivers some of the most durable boots in the industry. Explore the full selection at our store today including the Black Rain, Mag 1, Vertigo and Fusion in the Sidi boot range.


TCX is a brand that has been produced from the union of 2 companies - Oxtar and Novation, to offer a fantastic range of motorcycle boots for all styles of riders. With the use of technology such as Torsion Control System and Metatarsal Control System, TCX has developed their brand of motorcycle boots, refining and maximising safety along with delivering the highest level of comfort.

Also including a special selection of motorcycle boots for ladies, you can now browse the full selection of Sidi boots in-store at Sutton Motorcycles including popular Sidi boots such as the X-Cube and Street Ace!


Merlin clothing is a relatively new brand situated in the UK, offering a large selection of high-quality motorcycle gear for all types of riders. Utilising a team of over 50 years combined design and manufacturing experience, including working with some of the best riders from MotoGP,  WSB and BSB, the calibre of this brand is clearly noticeable upon inspection of its products.

Whether you’re tempted by a pair of Merlin G24 Titan Outlast boots or a Merlin Armitage jacket, you can be sure that Merlin motorcycle clothing will be perfect for all your motorcycling needs. 


Furygan was established in Nimes, France, with the intention to create some of the safest motorcycle gear on the market. A brand of the highest calibre for design and safety, Furygan are constantly developing their products within their very own in-house research and design facility named the ‘Motion Lab’, which mimics the test facilities used by the French official certification authorities, allowing them to always remain one step ahead of the game.


Known as one of the worlds leading suppliers of motorcycle apparel and accessories, Oxford Products Ltd offers motorcycle enthusiasts a huge range of products that encompasses everything you would require for your motorcycle. From clothing and helmets all the way down to accessories and parts for your ride, Oxford Products brings you a range that will cater for varying climates and terrains.

Choose from luggage accessories, panniers, tank bags, rucksacks, bike cover’s, bungee cords, ear plugs, visor cleaners, chain brushes, mirrors, indicators and so much more, available in-store. 


Established in 1981, Planet Knox Ltd is the proud innovator behind the multi-award winning Knox brand of Body Armour, Original Equipment, Hand Armour, Cold Killers, Dry Inside and The Studio Collection. Specialists in designing and manufacturing innovative protective equipment, Knox create products for motorcycling and motocross along with many another sports.

Having won a numerous amount of accolades and awards, Knox Original Equipment is used in the garments made by many highly respected motorcycle clothing brands in the world including the likes of Triumph Motorcycles, Victory Motorcycles, ReVit, Icon, Teknic, Racer, Draggin Jeans and much more.

To view the full range of Knox motorcycle clothing and armour including their Back Protector, Track Vest, Hot Hood, Mini Tube, Maxi Tube, Hot Socks, Wind Buddy, Inner Glove, Armoured Shirts to name a few, visit us in-store.


Castrol Engine Oil & Lubricants are a world leading manufacturer, distributor and marketer of premium lubricating oil and greases, operating in over 46 countries worldwide. Offering lubricants for pretty much all domestic, commercial and industrial applications, Castrol’s range also caters for motorcycles including 2-stroke and 4-stroke motorcycle engines, brake, gear and fork oil as well as a range of maintenance products.

Discover the full range of Castrol products at our store and ensure your ride is always running its best.


Founded in 1999, R&G is a British company that specialises in the design and manufacture of a range of bolt-on motorcycle accessories and crash protection products. The massive range includes frame protectors, fork protectors, swingarm protectors, bobbins, bar ends, indicators, exhaust protectors and radiator guards as well as much more. To accessorise your ride, drop into Sutton Motorcycles to check out the full range. 

Muc Off

Muc Off offers some of the best range of motorcycle cleaning products and accessories on the market, ensuring your ride is always looking like new. With products such as motorcycle cleaners, bike sprays, chain cleaners, chain lube, speed polish, fabric protectors and biodegradable de-greasers, ensure your ride remains in tip-top condition with the latest Muc Off range.


OptiMate is manufactured by TecMate, a specialist international battery charger manufacturer that are recognised as leaders in their field. Coming highly recommended by almost every major motorcycle manufacturer, OptiMate battery chargers and leads are some of the best sellers around the world. 


Auritech specialises in hearing protection, offering specialist earplugs to suit many environments. With over 20 years experience in development of customised hearing protections, Auritech™ offers high precision technology ensuring you get the best sound quality from your hearing protectors. Their patented Venturi shaped sound channel ensures sound waves are absorbed differently from normal filters, delivering the best quality, safe and dampened sound. 


Invented over 60 years ago, WD40 has become a globally recognised company, offering a full range of brands that encompass a plethora of high-performance products. Offering maintenance, speciality and cleaning products, WD40 also offers a WD-40 Specialist® Motorbike range that has been developed specifically for your motorcycle. Designed to give riders, mechanics and general enthusiasts the best in class maintenance care for your ride, this legendary brand assists with improved performance whilst extending the life of your ride. 


“Go Fast, Go Safe”

Pinlock is renowned for coming up with the legendary “Pinlock” system, making visors fogging up, a thing of the past. Pinlock® came up with this revolutionary design by applying an insert consisting of a moisture absorbing plastic and securing it to the shield with pins, ensuring an ‘airtight chamber’. Replaceable and altered to suit individual users. This system is now implemented by pretty much all leading brands as their preferred anti-fog visor solution, so no matter which helmet you have, you can be sure to find the perfect Pinlock® visor system for you including the popular Max Vision and Pinlocl® Evo.


Richa is a highly popular brand, offering a range of high-performance and stylish leather and textile motorcycle apparel at reasonable prices. Encompassing over 10 years of experience, this brand continues to evolve taking into account the latest biker trends, whilst catering for both men and women. View the latest extensive range of Richa leather and textile clothing as well as gloves and boots, in-store at Sutton Motorcycles. 


Established in 1994, the SPADA range has continued to expand to cater for the needs of the diversifying array of riders. Encompassing performance, safety, functionality and value - SPADA continuously act on feedback from customers and motorcycle riders of all ages across the UK to keep up with the needs of the changing biking environment.

Abiding by a simple philosophy - SPADA aims to design and deliver fantastic look clothes that offer the best performance, safety features and value for all SPADA customers. 


Offering some of the most popular biking ranges in the UK, RST has spent thousands of man-hours designing, crafting and testing RST gear to ensure the highest level of quality without compromising on important factors such as comfort, protection along with value for money.

Tested by RST themselves all year round, you can be sure that RST motorcycle gear is perfect for whatever season you decide to ride out in especially with some of the biggest names in BSB being having tested the gear themselves from the likes of John Kirkham, Tommy Hill and Stuart Easton.

Explore the full range of RST motorcycle jackets, trousers, gloves and boots and pop into Sutton Motorcycles for all your motorcycle gear needs and ensure you’re fully kitted up for your ride. We stock the full selection including Tractech Evo, Pro Series, Alpha IV, Striker, Blade Sport and the Brooklyn range.