A1 LICENCE - Aged 17 or Over

What You Can Ride - Motorcycles up to 125cc and 11kw (15BHP)

You can qualify for your A1 licence when you're 17 or over. To obtain this licence, you will need to successfully complete a 2-stage practical test that can be taken after passing your CBT. Riding in this category allows you to climb aboard either a motorcycle or scooter up to 125cc – with a maximum power of 11KW. You will also be able to carry a passenger and ride without an L plate. Passing a full motorcycle test can also reduce your insurance costs.Holding your A1 motorcycle licence for 2 years will then mean that you opt to take a further practical test and on passing, successfully qualify for an A2 Motorcycle Licence. If however, you decide to remain driving with your CBT licence with L plates instead of gaining your A1 licence, it is recommended that you get additional training for your own confidence and safety. 

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