Compulsory Basic Training (CBT)

It is mandatory for all learner moped and motorcycle riders to complete a CBT before going out on the road. This consists of five elements that must be completed before a CBT certificate (DL196) can be issued.

This starter course allows you to ride a motorcycle up to 50cc (no theory test necessary), and you'll be able to climb aboard the latest Honda bike straight away. If you complete the course successfully, you'll leave with a CBT certificate.

The five elements of the course consist of:

A. Introduction & Eyesight Check

Classroom-based, you will be given an overview of the course along with a discussion about the importance of safety equipment, licence check and eyesight check. All candidates are required to read a number plate at 20.5 meters away.

B. Practical On-Site Training

Introduction to your machine with an overview of your controls and how they work. Basic checks will be outlined at this point which need to be carried out every time you ride. These will include:

  • Checking oil
  • Petrol levels
  • Tyre pressure
  • Instructions on how to take the bike on and off the stand
  • Pushing bike to get used to the weight and feel
  • Starting the engine etc.

C. Practical On Site Riding

Moving to a safe off-road area, you'll go through 8 exercises if you're a moped rider or 9 for 125 geared machine riders. These must be completed to a satisfactory standard. Exercises range from moving off and stopping, dealing with junctions, figure of 8 and U-turns, all designed to give you confidence on the road.

D. Practical On-Road Training

Back to the classroom, this area of training will cover the pre-road briefing. Aspects will include:

  • Staying safe on the road
  • Highway Code including relevant sections covering motorcycle & mopeds
  • Staying visible and reducing your level of vulnerability
  • Principles of riding defensively, ensuring you're always seen by other road users
  • Legalities including speed, obeying road signs and instructions.

E. Practical On-Road Riding

Back to the road, you will be required to spend a minimum of 2 hours on the road (legal requirement).

With a maximum of 2 students per instructor, you'll be guided through a selection of different road conditions through radio contact.Starting from quieter roads and moving to town centre locations with longer, faster roads, you'll be required to demonstrate to your instructor that you are a safe and competent rider, with the ability to ride alone.

Certificate Of Completion (DL196)

Once all 5 elements have been satisfactorily completed, you will then be awarded the Certificate of Completion or the DL196. Relevant entitlements on your driving licence are validated by this certificate, however, you must note that:

  • Your DL196 Certificate is only valid for 2 years – If both theory and practical tests are not passed within 2 years of the certificate being issued, you will need to complete the CBT again.
  • For moped entitlement only – for those who pass their car driving test, before or after taking the CBT and obtaining a DL196, the certificate is not subject to expiry. This applies to mopeds only, to ride motorcycles, the DL196 remains valid for 2 years only. 
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